Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Playtime! Baby Elephant And Two Dogs Have Fun In The Sun

Navaan the young elephant recently met a cat
at the preserve in Thailand where he lives. He
was a bit dubious about the cat, but loves
playing with his dog friends.  
As I like to take the occasional break from carping and complaining about the world, I'll add a couple of moments of brightness to this blog.

At the bottom of this post, if you want a little cheer, watch the video of baby elephant Navaan and his doggy friends Rocky and Jeremy have a little fun in a Thailand animal park.

The animal park is run by Save Elephant Foundation, a non-profit that provides care and help to Thailand's captive elephant populations.

When Navaan isn't playing with the dogs, he's playing with old tires at the elephant preserve where he lives. They're easy for him to pick up and throw around. See? Anything can become a treasured plaything.

 Here's the video of Navaan playing with his doggie friends:

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