Thursday, February 18, 2016

New York Scammers Really Treat Tourists Roughly

Too bad Lady Liberty wasn't able to clonk these scammers
over the head with her torch.
You can easily get tickets to visit the Statue of Liberty from the National Parks Service.

That's presumably what William White and his wife Shellye of Arkansas thought when they were visiting New York City recently.

Which is why they blew off a couple of people - scammers - who were trying to illegally sell them tickets to Lady Liberty as the couple stood near the Staten Island Ferry terminal, says the New York Post. 

New York "entrepreneurs" apparently don't take kindly to being rebuffed, so one of the scammers smacked William White, knocking him out and giving him a fractured skull.

It looks like he will recover, eventually, but the scammers, perhaps not so much. The two were arrested by the NYPD shortly after the attack.

Robert Anderson, 25, of Brookly, who punched White, is charged with felony assault. His accomplice, Teresa Thorson, is charged with assault.

According to the Post, Thorson yelled while being led into a police precinct house, "The tourist attacked me!"

Well, if you consider declining an overpriced offer from a scammer, I guess he did.

The Whites said despite the attack on them, they'd consider returning to New York for another vacation. I might add that they would do that after perhaps after taking self defense lessons.

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