Monday, February 22, 2016

Vermont Police Dog Enthusiastically Helps Trooper Clean The Cruiser

Vermont State Police K-9 Officer Max was
quite enthusiastic Sunday when it came
time to clean the police cruiser he shares
with partner Nicholas Arlington. 
Sunday was unusually warm in Vermont for February.

It was also a slow day. There was not much crime going on around the Green Mountain State.

So, Vermont State Trooper Nicholas Arlington at the Royalton, Vermont barracks decided to take advantage of the situation to clean the police cruiser he drives. 

Nothing wrong with having a nice clean spit and polish image, right?

Arlington enlisted his K-9 police partner Max to help with the cleaning chore, and as you can see in the video below, Max was very enthusiastic about helping,

Good to see a serious crime fighter like Max cut loose and have fun once in awhile, and good to see a serious crime fighter like Nicholas Arlington share it with the world.

I love how viral the video has gotten, getting views everywhere from Huffington Post to NBC's Today Show.  

The video is fun and frivolous. But as a Vermonter, I feel strangely safer knowing this kind of thing goes on.

Watch the fun:

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