Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Feel The Bern" For Bernie Sanders Is ANOTHER Innovative Ad

Image of a "Feel the Bern" ad on YouTube supporting
Bernie Sanders. While this ad did not come from
Sanders' official campaign, it's still pretty innovative.
I don't know what will become of the Bernie Sanders for President campaign, whether he ultimately will be successful or not.

One thing I'm really hoping for, though, is whoever is making his campaign ads continue to produce advertising pitches forever and ever, whether they're for Bernie or not.

Some of these great ad people come from inside the Sanders campaign, some are freelancers doing it independently of the candidate.  

Supporters of the Sanders campaign a couple days ago released another campaign ad on YouTube called "Feel The Bern."

This new ad officially does NOT come from the Sanders campaign. Instead, it appears it was put together by some of his supporters. It also doesn't appear to be designed for television audiences, but for those glued to YouTube and social media.

While not as good as the powerful "Come To America" ad for Sanders earlier this year, which DID originate from the Sanders campaign, this new one is, again, completely different from all the political campaign ads we're used to.

You know the ones you've seen a million times. The candidate faces the camera to tell us how great he or she is, or much more frequently, how disgustingly awful their opponents are.

Sanders ads, like the candidate himself, are not politics as usual. The ads are completely unconvention.

In this latest one, which you can see at the bottom of this post, this ad -whoever made it -   capitalizes on the social media meme and hashtag "Feel The Bern."  The phrase refers to Sanders' influence and success on the campaign trail and in politics, and especially the fresh exposure everyone's gotten to his ideas.

The new ad consists of a full length song called "Feel The Bern," which is a fairly edgy tune, with the lyrics superimposed on the screen for you to read.

The ad is particularly useful for people not yet totally familiar with Sanders' opinions. The ad serves as an engaging short digest summarizing what he believes in and why his campaign says you should vote for him.

You get a lot of images of flames and heat in the ad -- remember, we're feeling the Bern! - along with images highlighting the campaign issues Sanders has been harping on.

Duriing the song''s frequent choruses, which consist of singers just repeating "Feel the Bern," you see a series of direct quotes from Sanders that focus on his main campaign issues.

There's moments of humor thrown in, too. Like a cartoon characater Sanders who opens the ad, and a brief moment midway through in which Donald Trump appears to be attacked by a bald eagle.

Maybe this ad doesn't hit your emotional buttons like "Come To America" did, but still, kudos to the people behind this latest  for daring to do something entirely different than the usual campaign drivel.

Here's the ad:

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