Sunday, February 28, 2016

Basket Makers Of The World: Here's A Once In A Lifetime Deal!

You now have a chance to buy a seven-story
building that looks just like a picnic basket!  
If you're into basket weaving, but also harbor dreams of corporate glory, I have found your big chance.

Or if you just want to work in a weird building, this works for you, too!

The Longaberger company, which makes baskets, has a rather famous corporate headquarters in Newark Ohio.

The building is seven stories tall, covers about 180,000 square feet and indeed looks exactly like a giant picnic basket.

However, things aren't going as well for Longaberger, which is a national maker and distributor of baskets and other home products like pottery, wrought iron and fabric accessories, says the Columbia dispatch.

The company owes about $374,000 in back taxes on the building, says the Columbia Dispatch. To save money, Longaberger is moving all its employees to its manufacturing plant in Frazeysburg, Ohio.

The county where the building is has the power to foreclose on it and offer it at a sheriff's sale. The minimum bid on the building were that to happen would be just under $600,000, the Columbia Dispatch reports. 

I'm not exactly sure if there's a huge national demand for buildings shaped like giant picnic baskets, but what the hell, give it a whirl if you want.

Picnic basket buildings to me evoke images of ant-infested picnics, but apparently this building is pretty much free of annoying insects, so that's a plus.

Maybe you could move in and open a business selling picnic food.

The possibilities are endless!

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