Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feel The Bern With A Bernie Tattoo

Yep! You can have your very own Bernie tattoo
And it's free! At Aartistic Inc, a Vermont tattoo shop.
Up here where I live in Vermont, Bernie Sanders is a popular guy.

As people go to the ballot boxes today in neighboring New Hampshire in the nation's first primary this election season, people here in the Green Mountain State hope the predictions are right and that he will trounce Hillary Clinton.  

We'll see. (you can never trust the public opinion polls. Especially in unpredictable New Hampshire, the graveyard of pollsters.)

Some people here in Vermont are so enthusiastic about Bernie they're getting Bernie tattoos. Really.

A Vermont tattoo shop, Aartistic Inc. is giving out free Bernie tattoos. They depict a little drawing of his wild hair and his trademark glasses in a cute little cartoon design.

Aartistic owner Tyre Duvernay told Mashable via email: "He has served this state well and has always conveyed the feelings of Vermonters in Washington. Which is why he's my choice to support in this way."

As much as people like Bernie, there's always the risk of eventual buyers' remorse with any tattoo.

I'm sure people will still enjoy having the tattoo even if Sanders does not ultimately become the Democratic nominee or president.

So far, I'm not aware of anyone getting a Bernie tattoo on their face, but I'm sure that day will come.

Back in 2012, a guy had a large Mitt Romney campaign logo tattooed onto the side of his face. The guy has since had two laser treatments and will need more to get the now fading Romney tattoo off his face.

No word yet from the Sanders campaign on whether he approves of all these Bernie tattoos.

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