Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Best Drywall Contractor Makes Beautiful Art Out Of Joint Compound

Artwork created by drywall contractor Bernie Mitchell
He uses joint compound to create these detailed images. 
If you ever need the wall inside your house fixed, you could do no better than to hire drywall contractor Bernie Mitchell of Ontario, Canada.  

The guy uses joint compound to make beautiful artistic murals on walls.

He turns clumps of the drywall into finely detailed images of landcapes and forests or meadows populated with blue herons, osprey, loons, horses, wolves, dogs and many other images, says twistedsifter.com

The artwork is best shown off by aiming lights in such a way where to emphasize the bumps and shadows in the drywall artwork. He uses spackles, spoons, brushes and other small tools to create the artwork.

He began by using wheat and barley stalks to leave impressions in wet joint compound, but graduated to making the detailed artwork, as you can see by scrowling through his website and the twistedsifter post.

Here's a video of Mitchell at work:

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