Thursday, February 25, 2016

Klutzy People Break Many Things

The latest time wasting video is people
who clumsily break things, just like me
I'm one of those people who are a bull in a china shop.

If I get close to it, I break it. No matter how careful I am.  I never mean to break anything, I just do.

So I appreciated the video at the bottom of this post that proves lots of people very stupidly break things.

They range from just a bit of broken glass to chaos on the highway due to some idiot breaking a major overhead sign.

All but one or two of the people in the video below didn't mean to cause problems. The exception is the horrible woman about 3:20 minutes in who is getting back at her ex-boyfriend. Trust me, the guy narrating the clip could do better.

My favorite character in the video is a hostile bird who Does Not Like the plastic cup pyramid somebody built.

In the category of shoddy products, watch the bike disintegrate at about 4:34 minutes in.

Here's your time wasting video. Hope you enjoy it, and relate to it as much as I do. OOPS, damn, just dropped and broke the beer bottle I was holding.

Anyway, here it is:

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