Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adele, Not That One, Dances With Springsteen, So Now There's Two Adeles I Love

Bruce Springsteen gives his mother a hug after
dancing with her at one of his concerts this week.  
A fixture at Bruce Springsteen concerts is when he dances with a fetching woman from the audience, sometimes to "Dancing In the Dark," sometimes to another song.

So it was at a concert this week that he danced with a woman pulled from the audience.

Only this time, it was his mom, named Adele, who is 88 years old.   Which means there are two Adeles in the music world I adore.

There's THAT Adele, the emotional British singer with the incredible voice, and this Adele, who raised what became a Rock God and who still knows how to have fun at age 88

Here's the very fun video of Springsteen and Springsteen dancing to the song "Ramrod"

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