Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Awesome Reactions To Chris Christie's Sad,Terrified Moment At Donald Trump Presser

Chris Christie stares glumly and terrified, having
endorsed Trump and now listening to Trump's victory
lap press conference after the Super Tuesday primaries. 
The headlines all agree: As Donald Trump gave his victory press conference last night after the Super Tuesday primary, it looked like we were watching a hostage situation.

I say that, because you've probably seen by now the visage of Chris Christie standing behind Trump as he spoke.

It looked a bit like those grainy terrorists videos from ISIS, in which they proclaim "Death To America" while a hostage sits terrified and glumly behind.

That's what Christie looked like last night.  The momet instantly became one of the most popular Internet memes I've seen in a long time.

How hard he has fallen. Christie dropped out of the race for GOP nominee for president recently, as his poll numbers really sucked. He then mystifyingly endorsed Trump for president.

People have had it with Christie, let me tell ya. Not only did practically nobody want him to be president, everybody is thinking he's an idiot for endorsing Trump.

The influential Manchester Union Leader newspaper in New Hampshire, which had endorsed Christie before that state's primary in February, now says it was a terrible idea for them to endorse Christie. 

Six New Jersey newspapers today jointly called on Christie to resign as governor, saying in editorials they were fed up with Christie's constant travel out of state, and the hypocrisy of trashing Trump as unfit to lead, then endorsing him.

Now we have the piece de resistance that ends Christie's political career, which was his deer in the headlights, 'What have I done' stare as he stood in the background during Trump's press conferne.

It really did look like Trump was holding Christie hostage. I almost wouldn't put it past Trump. Still, the whole thing was entertaining.

Thanks to Twitter, we were able to compile some of the best reactions to Christie's long lost stare behind Trump last night.  

In keeping with the hostage meme, Eli Clifton tweeted, "I hope Trump releases Christie's wife and children after the speech is over. Poor guy is worried sick."

Other people urged him on Twitter to blink twice if he was in trouble, and suggested maybe when he did blink, he was doing so as Morse code, pleading for help.

"Gov. Christie, are you happy to be here?"-- Paul Singer of USA Today.

"I hope some day Chris Christie finds his forever home." -- @pourmecoffee

"Why hasn't President Obama sent the Navy Seals in to rescue Chris Christie already?" --Dan Savage 

"His were the eyes of a man who has gazed into the abyss, and the abyss gazed back and then he endorsed the abyss."-- Chris Cillizza.

"Chris Christie's expression I believe must have been Robert Oppenheimer's at the Alamogordo test site,"  -- Neil Bhatia. 

"I think Trump must keep Christie in a basement in full leather with a ball gag," -- Erick Erickson.

"It's like watching Christie try and understand a Jackson Pollock canvas" --- Jason Horowitz.

"Chris Christie looks like my dog when she realizes our car ride is to the vet,"-- @Matthops82

"Chris Christie will just be sitting in a diner later tonight and 'Don't Stop Believing' will start playing. We'll never hear from him again." ---Jason Diamond 

 Ned Resnikoff imagined on Twitter that Christie was singing to himself, "Hello darkness, my old friend."

TV critic Ryan McGee, noting the apparent horror on Christie's face as Trump spoke, tweeted, "We are all Chris Christie."

We can only hope we are not all Chris Christie. That would be a living hell, wouldn't it?

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