Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sorry, Rhode Island Is Nothing Like Iceland

A Rhode Island tourism video had a skateboard
doing his moved near a really cool building, but
the building is not in Rhode Island, but in
Reykajavik, Iceland. Ooops.  
I've been to Rhode Island and it's a nice little state to visit, trust me.

I've never been to Iceland, but I'm told it's a wonderful, beautiful place to visit. I want to go.

However, it would be hard to confuse Iceland with Rhode Island, but a consultant for the Rhode Island tourism office did just that.  

According to the Associated Press, Rhode Island tourism unveiled a spiffy new video showing the wonders of visiting the tiny New England state on your next vacation.

Says the AP:

"The video's intro features a skateboarder outside a glass building and has a narrator saying, 'Imagine a place that feels like home but holds enough uniqueness that you're never bored.'"

Sounds great, but the glass building in question is the Harpa concert hall and conference center in Reykjavik, Iceland, and not something in Rhode Island.

The mistake was quickly caught by eagle-eyed people on social media who apparently have been to Iceland.

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, which released the errant video, said a local firm that was tasked with editing the video were told to use only images taken in Rhode Island.

Somebody there goofed, and accidently used images from elsewhere.

The video, which cost $22,000 to make, was promptly yanked and set up for a do-over, though the cost of the work will be on the editing company and not the state of Rhode Island.

The Associated Press had a better suggestion.

Maybe they could have kept the video and just touted the gorgeous wonders of "Rhode Iceland."

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