Sunday, March 20, 2016

Opera To Highway To Hell: A Fun Talent Video

Christina Ramos brought down the house with opera
and AC/DC's "Highway To Hell."
As I've said previously, every place in the universe has an "America's Got Talent" type franchise on television, including Pluto.  

Spain has one, and on "Spain's Got Talent," there was a particularly fun one that you can see below.

In it, a glamorous Christina Ramos appears on stage in a formal gown, and starts to do opera. She's quite good, and the judges seem smitten.

Suddenly, you hear a familar guitar riff. Is that AC/DC? Yep. Is there a mistake in the soundtrack?


The judges on "Spain's Got Talent" literally flip out
over Christina Ramos' opera and AC/DC 
Ramos suddently rips off her gown to reveal a skin tight rock n' roll outfit and she tears up the stage singing that AC/DC classic "Highway To Hell."

Ramos owns the stage, and the song. She has an perfect, awesome rock n roll voice. I don't even particularly like the song "Highway to Hell" until I heard her sing it. Ramos' version kills.   

The Spain's Got Talent judges, and the audience, are besides themselves with joy at this performance. Ramos gets the coveted "golden buzzer" which advances her more rapidly through the competition.  

You'll love this performance. It put me in a great mood, and it will you, too:

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  1. What is the song playing in the background with all the "woah oh" lyrics after the golden buzzer is hit?