Friday, March 4, 2016

Presidential Campaign Has Gotten So Depressing That Even "Bernie Baby" Passed Away

Benie Sanders with his pint-sized doppleganger last month.  
One cheerful, cute moment in the ongoing presidential campaign was the "Bernie Baby," aka known as Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis.

At four months old, he became an Internet star when he showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally dressed as the candidate himself. Everybody loved it, including Bernie Sanders.

In a sign that there is no happiness in politics this year, I've got what is honestly the saddest news of all. Little Oliver has died of sudden infant death syndrome, otherwise known as SIDS.

Of all the bad things that can happen, this is the worst.

Oliver's mother wrote on Facebook: "I love you dearly, I love you most, I love you with all my heart and soul. I know that God will keep you near since God and truth are here."

Absolutely heartbreaking. It makes our complaints against the candidates and politics seem small, doesn't it?

My condolences to Oliver's family, And thanks to Oliver, wherever he is, for bringing us the bit of joy he did in a grim season. We needed it.

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