Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Maybe The Craziest Republican Yet Just Got Elected In Texas

Insane guy Robert Morrow was just elected Travis County,
Texas Republican Party Chairman. And really, he
 takes the concept of crazy politician to a whole new level. 
We seem to be in a season of crazies getting elected to office, so we shoudn't be surprised that one Robert Morrow has been elected chairman of the local Republican Party in Travis County, Texas.

True, that's not the most important political position in the world, but the guy is so -- how should we put this politely? --- completely batshit crazy that you have to wonder what people were thinking, or not thinking, when they voted for him.

Morrow, like many people, is an avid Tweeter. If you don't like bluntness and extreme rudeness, you might not want to read on.

Anyway, according to Texas Tribune, he's really, REALLY fascinated by politicians' sexuality, or at least his theories on their sexuality. He's freaked out because he sees gays and lesbians everywhere. EEEK!!!  He thinks former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is bisexual and has a lot of male lovers. He thinks the same about Marco Rubio. 

Also George H. Bush. Morrow Tweeted this about the former president: "Pretty sure George W. Bush can suck a dick better than Hillary Clinton."

He thinks about Bill Clinton's penis. He thinks Hillary Clinton is an "angry bull dyke."  He doesn't like the Republican National Committee, because its perceived establishment orientation makes it similar to a "gay foam party."

No, I don't understand that, either.

He also thinks Rubio participates in these "gay foam parties." What's the deal with obsession with these stupid foam parties anyway?

When a Texas Tribune reporter asked Morrow about his frequent racial slurs using the "n" word, Morrow sharply took the reporter to task for being a "pathetic excuse for a reporter" for his unwillingness to use that word.

Morrow is apparently proud of his,  um, size, or his perception of it anyway. He once tweeted: "If you Google 'Robert Morrow 11 inch penis confirmed' you get over 11,800,000 hits. I'm just sayin'...."

He does like big things. His Facebook pages has numerous photos of bikini clad women with big boobs.

On the bright side, of sorts, he's not a big fan of Donald Trump. Morrow's reasoning for not liking Trump is a bit shaky, though:

"Donald Trump has actually said that a lone nut Oswald killed JFK, which tells me he is too stupid to be president."

Of course there are a LOT of people just as crazy or worse than Robert Morrow on social media and elsewhere, so normally we would ignore such nonsense.

But remember, Morrow has just been elected as chairman of the Travis County, Texas Republican Party.

He's the guy who's supposed to lead Travis County Republicans in trying to get members of the GOP elected to county positions, which could be a springboard to higher, more influential offices. Travis County has the fifth largest population of any county in Texas, so it does have Lone Star State influence.

Do you think Morrow is going to convince people in relatively liberal Travis County (where the city of Austin is located) to switch allegiances to the Republican Party?

Other members of the Travis County Republican Party are appalled and said they would do everything they can to get rid of Morrow. Which is a smart way of thinking about things.

Travis County Republican Vice Chairman Matt Mackowiak said: "We will explore every single option that exists, whether it be persuading him to resign, trying to force him to resign, constraining his power, removing his ability to spend money or resisting any attempt for him to access data or our social media account."

When the Texas Tribune asked Morrow to respond to Mackowiak's comments, he said, "Tell them they can go fuck themselves."

Nice way for a Republican leader to speak.

But you know what's scarier than Morrow? It's the fact that a majority of Travis County Republicans who participated in local elections this week actually voted for this insane character. And you wonder why the not as insane Donald Trump gets so much support.

I think I will have nightmares tonight.

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  1. I think he is funny as hell. Lbj,cia, bush Sr etc killed jfk, there are many good books about this. Only a moron thinks Oswald killed jfk or that the child of a alien is a natural born citizen