Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mean Kids Burn Down Principal's House, Poison Teachers

Payette, Idaho Principal Mark Heleker outside his house,
destroyed by kids at the high school seeking
revenge for discipline Heleker meted out.  
A certain subset of kids have always misbehaved and a sliver of those kids retaliate against their teachers or principals.

It never ends well.

If two recent incidents say anything, though, a few of these kids are escalating the battles to dangerous new heights.

At last report, three teenagers had been arrested and one was being sought after they burned down the principals house in Payette, Idaho, Raw Story reports.

Local high school principal Mark Heleker had suspended the students a few days earlier.

Heleker and his wife were sleeping in the house at about 1 a.m. February 22, when the couple's adult daughter returned from walking the dog and saw flames coming out of the home's garage, Raw Story reported. 

Had the daugher not been awake and walking the dog, the couple could have been killed in the fire, the local fire chief said.

The house was destroyed.

The four students involved were found out when Heleker's adult son found some suspicious posts on social media.

Police interviewed students and studied posts on Facebook and Snapchat, which led authorities to the four teens.  Each one arrested so far has been charged with felony arson.

I guess they're in bigger trouble than whatever led to two of them being suspended from school earlier.

The four had rampaged through town that night, vandalizing cars and other objects before setting the Heleker house on fire.

Meanwhile, in Florida, three middle school students are in trouble for poisoning their teacher's soda by pouring in a bunch of hot pepper flakes, according to CBS Miami. 

In that case, I supposed the three kids didn't realize how dangerous that could be, but the teachers started choking and suffering shortness of breath. Luckily, she recovered.

Like in the Idaho case, this teacher had earlier disciplined at least one of the kids involved.

I guess nowadays, some kids, if disciplined, will go to extreme measures to get even. Maybe they think it'll teach the teachers.

Of course, it doesn't work. The kids end up in extreme trouble with the law. Um, think ahead, kiddies!

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