Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weirdest Live Interview: Woman In Background Just Goes Away

What happened to the woman under the purple arrow?
It's a big mystery taking over the Internet.  
I'll start off by saying this could be some weird editing hoax, but maybe not

I don't know what the explanation is, but SportsCenter was interviewing some athlete in some airport somewhere.

The interview, the location, and the subject of the interview isn't important.

What is important, or at least weird, is the fate of the woman in the background to the left of the interview subject in the background.

As you can see, in the repeat video below, the woman in the background is pointed out with a purple arrow.

Another woman walks in front of the woman in question. That second woman keeps walking, and when she gets out of the way, that first woman is gone. Just GONE!!

Where did she go? Hiding behind the chairs or other stuff in the room suddenly? Swept up in an alien abduction. Or just a clever editing trick? Nobody knows.

Here's the video:

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