Saturday, March 19, 2016

Woman Gets Cochlear Implant. REALLY Likes What She Hears From Her Boyfriend

Andrea Diaz just got a cochlear implant and she can hear
again. Her boyfriend, Kevin, takes advantage of
the situation and asks Andrea an important question.  
Ok, every once in awhile I like those Kleenex Alert videos and there's a great one at the bottom of the post.  

Several years ago, the woman in the video, Andrea Diaz  lost her hearing in an accident.

She finally got a cochlear implant, and she, her doctor, her boyfriend and her mother are in the doctor's office at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The doctor turns it on to see if it works.

It does!   Diaz hears. She cries tears of joy. Predictably, and nicely, her mother says she loves her.

She cries some more.

Then her boyfriend, Kevin Peakman, pipes in. He's got a question for her.

Spoiler alert: Diaz's answer to her boyfriend's question is "Yes."

Here's the sweet video to make you cry:

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