Thursday, March 10, 2016

Teacher Loses Job Because Creepy Kid Stole Her Phone, Photos

This teacher was forced to resign because a student
swiped her phone, and distributed photos of her
he found in one of the phone's apps.  
Picture this scenario: A female high school teacher momentarily leaves her cell phone on a classroom desk to  deal with a brief issue.

A male high school student steals the phone and discovers the teacher had taken a couple of racy photos of herself, partly undressed, which were intended to turn her husband on around Valentine's Day.

Until the student swiped the phone, the only people who saw the photos were the teacher and her husband.

The teacher, named Leigh Anne Arthur had no intention of showing them to anyone else. She had simply forgotten to delete the photos.

The creepy high school boy decides it would be fun to spread the photos far and wide to his friends.

"He told the whole class that he would send them to whoever wanted them," Arhur said, according to television station WSPA in Spartanburg, South Carolina. "Your day of reckoning is coming," he also said to the teacher.

So: In this scenario, who gets punished: The student, for stealing the phone and invading the teacher's privacy, or the teacher, for setting her phone down on a desk.

By the way, the 16 year old had to go through the trouble of opening the phone's apps to get at the pics, so it took a little effort It's not like Arhur left printouts of the photos on the desk for anyone who wandered by to see.

This is America, so of course the teacher gets punished. She was told by her school district to resign or get fired, so she resigned.

The school superintendent, David Eubanks, also said he figured Arhur was contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I guess to school official's minds, there's nothing wrong with stealing the phone and invading privacy. Especially since it appears the student has gone unpunished.

The school district claims that the student will be punished, probably, and that Arthur was not where she should have been when she left her phone. (She says she had to attend to a problem in the hallway) and that she let students use her phone, which Arthur denies. And even if she did let them use her phone, does that give students the right to distribute her private photos far and wide?

We'll see if the teen actually gets punished.

This happened in small town South Carolina, and I kinda get how things sometimes work in small towns.  The kid is probably the offspring of some big fish in that small pond town, so the adults tread lightly.

The kid knows he can get away with anything because of this, so he does anything. I suspect that's why the stupid teen gave his little "day of reckoning" speech to the teacher.

Arthur was a rather popular teacher and at least 11,000 high school students, mostly in South Carolina, signed a petition asking that she be reinstated, says television station WLFF in Greenville, South Carolina.

But Arthur, understandably, isn't sure she wants to go back to her job teaching electrical engineering and computer programming in the school district.

Mostly because she doesn't want to work at a school where the students are running the show, and not the educators.

As for the 16 year old, Arthur is considering pressing charges, so maybe he'll get his "day of reckoning,"  too.

We can only hope.

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