Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gorgeous People Acting Gorgeously

Hottie Thomas Schwendeman deploys for
the Korean War in 1950 
The stereotype is that often, beautiful gorgeous people can be divas and self-centered.

But, not always as the two stories in this blog post thingy prove. I'm a sucker for nice people anyway, because it's a break from all the not-so-nice people in the news.

Recently, a guy named Derek Schwendeman posted a photo of his grandfather, Thomas, which was taken as grandpa deployed into the Korean War in 1950.

As you can see by the photo, republished in this post, Thomas Schwendeman was quite the hottie.  The photo went totally viral.

He probably dabbled in the war briefly, just to prove how manly he was, then became a male model, with a different lady every night, right.

Totally wrong, of course. The good news is a woman named Fleecie snagged him first and Thomas has been devoted to her ever since. Sorry ladies, Thomas is Fleecie's guy, ever since they married in 1951, according to People magazine.

They're still happily together, by the way,

Instead of living a life as a dashing international man of mystery, Thomas Schwendeman worked for Bell Telephone for decades, retired, worked as a school bus driver, and now, at age 86, dotes on his three children and six grandchildren. A great-grandchild is due any minute now.

Mikal Bartosic, a popular high school
cheerleader, with her soon-to-be prom
date Jonathan in Florida.  
Fleecie says she's gotten a kick out of the viral photo - what she calls the "funny notoriety - but Thomas told her that she was the one, and if he had to do it all over again, wouldn't marry another woman, People reports.

The couple are still active, and still often go out bowling. That's how the two met. In a bowling alley.

I wish them many more happy years together.

Our next gorgeous person is Mikal Bartosic, currently a popular pretty blonde cheerleader at Park Vista High School in Florida.

It's getting to be prom time, so as you can imagine, a lot of guys there would love to take her to the prom. You know the stereotype: She'd end up going with the football quarterback, or the school track star, or the resident stud muffin.

Nope, Mikal had other ideas and she figured she'd do the asking, reports the Palm Beach Post.

She has a classmate named Jonathan who is on the autism spectrum. He didn't think he was going to the prom, that's for sure. Until Mikal presented him with a cake that signaled that Mikal wanted to go to the prom with Jonathan.

He said yes, very enthusiastically, as you can see in the very sweet video below. I LOVE the joy in the room when she asks him out.

I hope the pair have a great time on the big night!

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