Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Finally Figured Out That Donald Trump Is Like An Evil Rip Taylor

Rip Taylor portrayed an angry clown
is his comedy schtick. Is Donald Trump a
mean version of this?  
I'm going to start this post by apologizing profusely, in advance, to comedian Rip Taylor.

He's been around for decades. His schtick is the guy who is burned out from a career being the happy guy.

He angrily instead of gleefully throws confetti, (Taylor is known as the :King of Confetti") and his jokes are hilarious, bitter complaints about what's going on around him.

Rip Taylor is the angry showman, dressed flamboyantly, but mockingly pretends to be not enjoying life.  The whole thing is a little much, but it's funny, and he's built a long career on it. Good work, Rip Taylor!

I bring all this up because I've finally figured out what Donald Trump is all about. He's an evil Rip Taylor, but Trump's flamboyant anger is real and contagious, not a harmless act like Taylor's.

Instead of Taylor's confetti, he throws money around. Instead of acting like he's frustrated with an audience for not laughing at his jokes, Trump wants people to beat up dissenters who don't like his schtick.

As part of the act, Taylor dresses in ridiculous clothes, and wears a blonde wig. I don't know what's going on with Trump's hair, but you get the idea.

Rip Taylor is a showman, his act a frivolous, it's full of bad puns, fun distraction and completely harmless.
Maybe this guy should have been a bad comedian
instead of a bad politician  

Trump is a showman, spewing bad and dangerous policy ideas instead of puns. His act is a frivolous, not so fun distraction, but he's somehow gotten a lot of fans who vote for him. And take him seriously.

I get it that Trumpeters, as his fans and voters are called, are pissed off at the way politics works and want a change. Who wouldn't be? But Trump?

Rip Taylor's act is of someone who is frustrated and wants a change and is always complaining. He's negative. .He goes about it all wrong. But it's a comedy act, so it's OK.

Trump always complains about a litany of people and perceived problems. He's negative. Never offering real plans for solutions. Just unfocused anger about  walls on the Mexican border, all Muslims are bad, the economy sucks, etc. etc. Trump goes about it all wrong, and it's turned very serious. He raises the spector of fascism.

I can see why Rip Taylor has a lot of fans. His act is full of laughs.

We should also be laughing at and mocking Trump, the showman huckster that he is. Instead, he's turning into something that can really damage this country. I know Trumpeters vehemently disagree with me, but there you go.

Here's a clip of Rip Taylor: As you watch, you can, in your head, turn the schtick into a Trump speech.

Again, profuse apologies to Rip Taylor. But I just had to make the comparison.

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