Thursday, March 24, 2016

Body Stuffed In Trunk Was Just Dora The Explorer

A Dora the Explorer pillow like this one was mistaken
for a murdered body in an Alabama car trunk.  
Poice in Heflin Alabama got an alarming report from a person who saw a body stuffed into the trunk of a black Hyundai with Arkansas plates at a gas station in nearby Birmingham, reports.

The BOL went out! (For the innocent, BOL is Be On the Lookout) for the crime car heading east on Interstate 20.

Authorities spotted the car, police swarmed it, and ordered the family inside the car out. One of them was the criminal for sure, but it probably wasn't the child that had been in the back seat.

Police opened the trunk and expected the worst. And it was bad, but not like that. In the trunk was a body pillow and a Dora the Explorer pillow inside a garbage bag, says. 

A Dora the Explorer pillow is unfortunate, but at least nobody died.

Police said the way the pillows and garbage bag in the trunk were arranged, it was easy to understand why somebody might have thought it was a body.

The family who was in the car when it was pulled over won't be charged, of course. They did nothing wrong.  "The family was very understanding about how this could have happened. We were very relieved."

Better safe than sorry, right? So I can't blame whoever called the police to report the body.

And it was a nice distraction from the big sex scandal Alabama's governor finds himself in. 

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