Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quote, Unquote "Religious" Shyster Bilks People Out Of Millions, Must Repay

Benjamin Rogovy is the latest shyster to prey on
people's religious beliefs to bilk them.  
Benjamin Rogovy didn't have a prayer defending his fraudulent prayer business.

And thus falls another crook using religion to rip off gullible believers.

Rogovy bilked about 125,000 people across the nation out of more than $7 million, says Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

According to Raw Story:

"Rogovy's  websites, and offered to pray for desperate English and Spanish speakers if they paid between $9 and $35 for the service.

The testimonials were glowing. Pastor John Carlson prayed for them and God delivered on their prayers. A healthy baby. A negative HIV test. A winning lottery ticket. The senior pastor at the Christian Prayer Center (CPC) saved homes from foreclosure and put cancer into remission.

Except of course they didn't."

Well, duh!

"I believe in the power of prayer........What I do not believe in and what I will not tolerate is unlawful businesses that prey upon people - taking advantage of their faith or their need for help - in order to make a quick buck," said Ferguson, the state's attorney, according to Raw Story.

It's good that Rogovy is getting the book thrown at him. He's been ordered to repay his victims, and attorney costs and $1 million in civil penalties if he doesn't comply with the order to pay up.

I doubt anyone will see the money. My guess is Rogovy spent the cash. But at least he's been exposed, at least for now.

The track record of other "religious" scammers, though, is he'll be back to bilk the gullible and the desperate.

After all, we have these so-called prosperty pastors who get people to believe that they should give these pastors lots of money, and in turn God will rain cash down on these scam victims. People fall for this, and these scammers know it.

The prosperity pastors get in trouble some time, but they always eventually come back for more. 

In Rogovy's case, he set up a couple of websites in which people paid repeatedly to have fake pastors say prayers for them. Because I'm sure God will bestow blessings on suffering people if only they pay for them through the web site. (Order today!!)

Rogovy, along with the rest of the religion scammers, will get a special place in hell for their misdeeds.   They just don't know it yet.


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