Monday, November 10, 2014

Crime Wave Hits Vermont: Broccoli Worth $300 Stolen From Farm

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Just like every other state in the nation, we here in Vermont have problems with crime, including drug related burglaries, domestic assault and assorted other violence. It's very sad.

But then, it's often not as bad as other states.

You know things are pretty calm when the largest television station in the state, WCAX, during its nightly newscast reports on a shocking crime in the town of Norwich, Vermont.

Somebody stole 70 pounds of broccoli from a farm in that town. It was worth about $300. The TV station notes it couldn't have been hungry deer because the broccoli was sheared off, not eaten off the plants.

If it was deer, I wouldn't be optimistic about their fate. The place from where the broccoli was stolen is called Killdeer Farm.

As it is, staffers at the farm said they hope that the broccoli at least went to a needy family.

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