Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Boy Has Every Little Boy Dream Come True: He Blows Up A Building

DJ Pitts, 4, getting ready to
demolish a 19 story building.
Can I be next?  
I totally envy this four year old kid in Atlanta.

Children's Healthcare Hospital of Atlanta acquired the old, abandoned Executive Park Hotel next door. They had to get rid of the 19 story building to make way for an expansion.

A building demolition team set up the structure to implode, and the hospital selected a patient, DJ Pitts, 4, to hit the button that would set off the charges to bring the old hotel down.

He, and several other people got all dolled up in Superhero outfits for the event.

Wouldn't it be fun, as a four year old boy, to destroy a 19 story building? With permission from your parents and the people who own the building?

I feel sorry for Pitts that he was so sick. (He'd had several surgeries on his esophagus and stomach after accidentally swallowing engine cleaner.)

But man, blowing up a building? How cool is that?!?

Here's the video:

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