Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Great Christmas Gifts For Kids! Including Winos, Drug Dealers And A Perverted Tarzan!

Ellen Degeneres shops for toys so you don't have to.
Or maybe you will have to shop after all.  
You might have heard about the Breaking Bad doll controversy. Something about having kids play make believe with drug dealer dolls.

Well, count on Ellen Degeneres to find more wonderful toys for your kids to play with. Just in time for Christmas!

We have the wino and cop dolls, the Tarzan doll, who, as Ellen puts it, doesn't really need Jane, and ET's finger, which has found a new way to call home.

We'll let Ellen explain it, since she's way, way better at it than me. Get your paper and pen to start making those Christmas shopping lists!

H/T to sister Lynn for alerting me to this:

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