Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sometimes There's Bad Cops, But Sometimes There's REALLY Good Ones.

Police Detective Jack Mook leaves with his sons
after the best court hearing he's ever had to attend.  
There's good cops, and there's bad cops.

Bad cops shoot unarmed teenagers, arrest people for breaking nonexistent laws and pilfer money from innocent people. 

Good cops play by the book. And they go above and beyond. They are heroic. And sometimes, like one Pittsburgh detective named Jack Mook, really take human decency to a new level.  

He'd been mentoring a couple kids, two brothers who were not having a good time.  They disappeared for awhile. He got worried, tracked the older one down and got to the bottom of the story.

The brothers' foster parents were abusing them.

Yeah, he could have opened an investigation into the foster parents (Actually, I do believe they're in trouble.) But he had to do something else for the kids.

Mook pulled some strings and got the brothers a new foster parent: Himself.

So now the unmarried Mook is basically a single father to the two kids. After he became a foster parent, he took things one more step further, as you will see in the video, below.

Hat tip to Laura Stark for alerting me to this one.

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