Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day, Let's Look Back At This Season's WONDERFUL Campaign Ads!

A still from one of my awards for, um,
best campaign ads for 2014.
I hope you're all out busy voting right now and will get to reading this blog post once you've cast your ballot.

Now here's your treat: The Mattie Awards! The awards, named after, well, me, highlight the peaks in creativity in 2014 campaign ads.

Without further ado, here we go:

Best use of an animal in an ad: This one by the National Republican Congressional Committee criticizing a Georgia Democrat. The monkey on the lady's back is a wonderful touch:

Next, we have the awards for the Best Special Effects In A Political Ad, by which I mean the worst special effects, obviously. Here's Michigan Republican Party's attempt at Sharknado:

A new category this year: Best (Worst) Rip-Off Of A Movie Song. The Texas Lt. Governor's race featured this steal from "Frozen" Careful, it is PAINFUL!

Next is the Mattie Award for the best use of a prop, in this case, a coffee cup:

Best Action/Adventure campaign ad: Alligators in Louisiana!

The Mattie for the Best Political Sex Scenes goes to the anti-John Boehner "Electile Dysfunction" ad
Yeah, it's scary, but watch anyway:

I'd go on with these Mattie Awards, but I'm starting to get a little ill. So happy voting!!

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