Friday, November 14, 2014

Stupid People Camp For Three Weeks

Vicky Torres and Juanita Alva camped out at
a Best Buy for weeks.  
I hate to be so judgmental, but Vicky Torres and Juanita Alva are kinda stupid, in my opinion.

Since November 5, they've been camped out in front of a California Best Buy store, so they can be first in line for the big Black Friday sales.

"Black Friday" as the day after Thanksgiving is called in Retail Hell, is on November 28.

(Actually, Best Buy opens at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, so I guess it's Black Thanksgiving.)

 So they will have wasted 22 days of their lives hanging out in front of Best Buy.

Why? Because they want to be first in line for 50-inch HD TV for the low, low price of $199 at Best Buy.

Again. Why?

Alva's husband helps us out with this. Sort of.  He says: "The point is to get the sales, because everybody is on a fixed income and we don't have that kind of money to splurge."

As so many commenters pointed out in the article linked in this blog, there's some obvious questions here.

Wouldn't you make more than $199 if you worked during these 23 days you're hanging out at Best Buy.

Yes, I know jobs are sometimes hard to come by, but can't you at least try? A part time position or something?

I also get that these two women don't have a lot of money. I can't always buy what I want, too. Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck, and scrounge for every penny in this age of low wages.

Give that Torres and Alva are short of cash, is a television set the best priority? Maybe food? Some halfway decent clothes to wear while, um, job hunting?

I know, I know. I shouldn't get all worked up over a couple women on the other side of the country who have some strange priorities.

But geez it makes us all look stupid, in a way. I think the real reason these two women are sitting there in front of the Best Buy is not the TV, but the attention.

This is a Look At Me! Look At Me! society. Just ask Kim Kardashian. 

Our lovely ladies in front of Best Buy I'm sure will continue to give their TV interviews. So they can watch themselves on their brand new Panasonic 50" HDTV.

Unless the hordes at Black Friday smash it to smithereens during the annual brawls at these stores.


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