Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dark British Actors Reconstruction Inane YouTube Arguments Brilliantly

Dinner table conversation turns to trading barbs
about Nicki Minaj and One Direction in a
hilarious video from Dead Parrot.  
Take some distinguished British actors of a certain age, set them in a dark, gloomy, depressing mansion, film them in black and white re-enacting the most inane, stupid arguments on YouTube comment threads, and what to you get?

Absolute brilliance.

For more than a year now, an outfit called Dead Parrot has been doing these short films re-enacting these YouTube arguments.

The tenth one has just been released, and involves an, um spirited conversation on YouTube from September, 2014 on the relative merits of Nicki Minaj,  her song "Anaconda" and the pop group boy band One Direction.

These YouTube arguments are called flame wars, and Dead Parrot's take on them is the only way to actually enjoy them.

The setting in this video is a sort of Downton Abbey type dinner table gathering, only gloomier. I swear stupidity is hilarious when it's done by older, serious, seasoned British actors.

Warning, the language in the video is definitely NSFW, because of the swearing and incredibly crude sexual references.

 The dialogue will also  kill brain cells with its stupidity. But in this setting, you'll laugh your butt off, too. This is awesome.

Here's the video:

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