Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm Starting Arguments Over What Are The Best Songs Ever. Just Because

While idly clicking on sites on the Internet, I stumbled on featuring a video of Dusty Springfield performing "Son Of A Preacher Man."

Gawd, I'd forgotten how good that song is.  A few people might call the song tacky or sacrilegious, but I call it as awesome as it can possibly get.

Here's the video, then scroll down below that, I'll start more music arguments.

While being unproductive, I also stumbled upon a dreaded listicle at the Huffington Post regarding the top 10 albums of the 1960s and 1970s. 

(Yes, despite my complaints about click bait listicles, I get sucked into them sometimes, too.)

Anyway, I can't really disagree with any of the albums on the list.

There's "Tapestry" by Carole King. "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen is there. The title track is arguably my favorite song ever. I'm not super crazy about "Songs In The Key Of Life," by Stevie Wonder, which made the list.

The best song on this Huffington Post list is "Rumours" from 1977 by Fleetwood Mac. I listened to this album obsessively when it came out.

Huffington Post outlines part of the reason why "Rumours" is so perfect:

"Take two impossibly attractive American singers, add three blues-minded Brits, give them a ton of cocaine, and make sure they all sleep with each other."

Remember, this is the 1970s we're talking about.

The Rumours album contains the best song to listen to when  you're pissed off, called "Go Your Own Way."  I like to scream along with it when I hear it on the truck radio.

"You can go your own way
You can call IT 
Another lonely day

It's also the perfect song if you've broken up with someone and you're glad he or she is gone.

Luckily, that's not a problem for me, because as far as I'm concerned, my husband is stuck with me forever, but that's another story.

But anyway, if you need help remembering this song, here it is. Then below this video, is maybe the list that will cause the most arguments about music.

Here's the sort of listicle that is sure to cause an argument about music, if you're not already fighting.

The BBC recently conducted a poll, asking what is the best cover of a popular song - you know, a famous song re-done by somebody else, usually who is also famous.

Anyway, the winner in the poll is the Pet Shop Boys' version of "Always On My Mind"

"Always On My Mind" IS a great song, no doubt about it. The most famous version is by Willie Nelson, but his was a cover, too.

Elvis Presley released a version in 1972. Michael Buble has done it. So has Shakira.

Alvin and the Chipmunks even did a version, but I seriously doubt that was ever a contender for the best cover of a song.

For the record, I hate, hate, HATE!! Alvin and the Chipmunks. Just had to get that off my chest.

"Always On My Mind" was written by Wayne Carson.  He told Parade what the genesis of the song was:

"In this case, 'Always On My Mind' happens to be one of those things that, universally, everybody on the planet has been there, you know. And it struck me at the time. Everybody touched base with that one. It was just magic that it was so simple and so right on the button."

So here's "Always On My Mind" by the Pet Shop Boys. And some concluding thoughts below that to get your musical argument into high gear.

By the way, critics often say the best cover song is Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt," written by Johnny Cash. That came in at Number 2 in the BBC poll.

I'm personally intrigued by Cash's version of one of my favorite songs, "Personal Jesus" By Depeche Mode.

As you can see, we can easily get in the weeds arguing what is the best song, the best cover, the best version, the best this, the best that.

So let's start the argument. Your favorite song? Your favorite album? Your favorite cover? Tell us.

We love fights over things that won't change or ruin the world. 

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