Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran Worried Nobody Would Show Up At His Funeral. He Needn't Have

People made sure to remember Roscoe Cassidy, Kentucky's
oldest World War II veteran, who died
last month at the age of 107. On this Veterans Day
thanks and gratitude go out to all veterans.  
I figured Veterans Day, today, is as appropriate a day to post this as any.

Last month, Kentucky's oldest World War II veteran died. Roscoe Cassidy, 107, had said he basically outlived everyone, so he didn't expect anybody to be at his funeral.

Turns out Cassidy was wrong, big time.

The Kentucky chapter of a group called the Patriot Guard Riders and people on the web site Reddit who saw Cassidy's story turned out for the funeral.

Several dozen people were there to remember Cassidy, says television station WKYT. 

As divided and nasty as this country can be sometimes, it's always nice to see people unite to remember our veterans.

Cassidy's son, Mike, said his father "loved his shot of Moonshine every day and he said that was his secret to life."

Friends said Cassidy's sense of humor, dancing and standing up for a cause, especially his country, contributed to his long life.

We salute you, Roscoe Cassidy, and all veterans, living or passed on.

Special thanks and gratitude to my dad, Henry Sutkoski, now 94 and a World War II veteran, and my father in law, Don Modereger, another World War II veteran, who passed away in August at the age of 92.

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