Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eating Too Much On Thanksgiving? Exercise With This Video

This scary woman will help you burn off those
pesky holiday pounds the country hip hop way!  
I'm a total connoisseur of the tasteless and the tacky, so this is just perfect:

You might be concerned about eating so much today, on Thanksgiving.

You don't want to overeat, get fat and not be able to fit into the super ugly Christmas sweater you've been just dying to show off.

Well, I have the perfect rescue for you. An exercise video!

Not just any exercise video, a country hip hop exercise video.

That's right, you can get your groove on and wear your leather fringes and cowboy boots all in one fell swoop.

Yes, I know nothing in the video looks like hip hop dancing, or music, or anything like that, but we're being way to picky.

And I'm being mean. The earnest woman leading this exercise class is a bit scary, but at least she's promoting exercise.

As the host of the video reminds you in a dizzying montage in the middle, this is country hip hop! (This part will make you run screaming away from your computer. More exercise! Bonus!)

I love the poor production values in the video, too. The eye strain will burn even more calories.

I worry about Jaime the tall guy on the right. Maybe it's just me, but I think he's showing off his butt a bit too much. Yeah, he's proud. I guess.

So here you go, with your country hip hop magic:

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