Thursday, November 20, 2014

German Town Welcomes Neo-Nazis, But Believe It Or Not, For A Very Good Reason

A stupid neo-Nazi guy marches past a motivational
banner in Wunsiedel, Germany as he realizes
the town has duped him into donating to
an anti-Nazi charity.  
The cheering residents in the town of Wunsiedel, Germany warmly welcomed a bunch of neo-Nazis as they held an annual parade in the community on Saturday.

Don't worry, this isn't a case of shocking anti-Semitism and bigotry among residents of the town. They're actually very nice people.

They just decided to get a little creative with the annual march of the neo-Nazis. In the past, town residents totally dreaded this parade.

Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, was buried in the town in 1987 after his death.

Though the body was exhumed in 2011 and cremated, the fact that Hess' grave was in Wunsiedel meant that the neo-Nazis held their annual rally there.

The good residents of Wunsiedel hated, hated this annual parade. Then somebody got an idea.

According to British newspaper The Independent, here's what happened:

"Instead of protesting against the demonstration, shop owners and residents in Wunsiedel pledged to donate 10 euros for each meter the neo-Nazis marched.

They managed to raise 10,00 euros. The money went towards EXIT-Deutschland, a charity that helps people leave neo-Nazi groups."

Ten thousand euros is about $12,500 in American currency, so you can see the town of Wunsiedel raised a pretty good chunk of change.

The dumb neo-Nazis had no idea what was going on of course, until after the demonstration, or at least well into it, when they realized the town had duped them.

Here's how The Independent described what must have been a hilarious scene:

"The pro-Hess marchers had no idea until they began their walk, noticing along the route that villagers had set up motivational signs and showered them with confetti when they finished.

A sign explained to them they had just raised money against themselves as they crossed the finishing line. 

The villagers even provided food for the neo-Nazis along their journey. The edibles were on offer under a banner that read 'Mein Mampf' meaning 'My Food.'"

The trick on the neo-Nazis was organized by a group called Rechts gegen Rechts, or Right against Right, with the full cooperation of the town, of course.

Organizers of the trick admit the neo-Nazis will probably be back next year, since Hess is so important to this creepy bunch of so-called people.

But at least now, residents of Wunsiedel won't have to cringe every time the neo-Nazis show up. They can just put out the donation buckets and get the confetti ready for the next march.

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