Sunday, November 20, 2016

Amazon Prime Ad Hits Just The Right Mark In These Troubled Times

In this Amazon Prime ad, a priest and an imam share
a deep friendship with one another.  
I'm not really a big fan of Amazon or Amazon Prime, but the sprawling company's new ad hits just the right note in these troubled times when hate against people of different faiths and backgrounds seems to be the big style.

This ad bucks that trend.

We see a priest and an imam who are clearly old friends get together. Unlike what we see on the news, the two characters in the ad share a real affection for one another, despite their different faiths.

No worries by the Christian about the Muslim in this ad, no spree!

An Amazon spokesperson says the ad was made before the presidential election results were known,  and is not meant as a slap to Donald Trump and his ilk.

But it kind of feels like that anyway, even if that wasn't the intention. The ad is a great signal for us to stop the hate already.

Yeah, the ad sells Amazon Prime, which of course it is meant to do, but it also sends a message that we should all hear over and over again.


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