Sunday, November 20, 2016

Overreaction: Woman Burns Down Strip Mall Because Of A Lack Of Shopping Carts

A woman is accused of setting this fire that destroyed
a strip mall because she couldn't find a shopping
cart at a Dollar Tree store in the complex
We're getting into the Christmas shopping season, and we will see more and more people overreacting to shopping mishaps.

It has already started.

A woman in Washington State burned down a strip mall because she couldn't find a shopping cart, television station KOMO reports.

Yeah, no shopping cart is a bit of a bummer, but she might have taken this a teensy, weeny bit too far, don't you think?  

According to KOMO, the 64 year old woman, who couldn't find a shopping cart, made a comment to a store employee about burning the Dollar Tree store she was at in Kent, Washington.

The women then went into the greeting card aisle then came out 90 seconds later to announce the store was on fire.

And it was. Employees tried to put the fire out, but it spread too fast. Eventually, the entire strip mall containing five businesses burned down.

Nobody was hurt, thank goodness, but this woman put a bunch of people out of work, endangered lives and destroyed peoples' livlihoods because she couldn't get a damn shopping cart.

Needless to say, she's in a heap of trouble so she might be locked up for awhile, thank goodness.

Of course, melting down in a business is a popular pasttime, apparently. Consumerist has a helpful list of such incidents, including times when a Wendy's customer trashed the restaurant because she was dissatisfied with the food, or the time a Burger King customer punched a worker because the food wasn't ready fast enough, and a Macy's customer who bit a clerk during a dispute over a price.

I guess shopping and dining really is stressful

Just take a Valium, OK?

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