Friday, November 25, 2016

Weird Pastor Sprays Insecticide Into Congregants' Faces Because Jesus

A South African "pastor" says God told him to spray
insecticide into the faces of congregants to cure their ills. 
I'm sure Doom Super Multi Insect Killer is a fine product if you want to get rid of ants, wasps, flies, or whatever.  

However, Lethebo Rabalago says he's found a better use for Doom: He's the pastor of a South African church, and sprays it into his congregants' faces because he insists it cures their ailments, says CNN.

Plus, he said, God told him to use Doom Super Multi Insect Killer on his congregants, and are you really going to argue with God?

For the record, Tiger Brands, the makers of Doom Super Multi Insect Killer say spraying it into someone's face is a terrible idea.

Tiger Brands says it finds the pastor's insecticide use "alarming and extremely concerning." They note it is "unsafe to spray Doom Super Multi Insect Killer ....into people's faces. Anyone who gets sprayed should wash their faces and eyes immediately, and don't inhale the fumes.

However Rabalago and his followers say Doom Super Multi Insect Killer is a miracle brought to them by God's blessing.

According to CNN, Rabalago has posted photographs of him spraying congregants with Doom, and testimonials from said congregants like this: "I came here with a pain on my back and stomach. Now after the propet sprayed me with Doom I am healed. My nose was blocked since last week, but after the prophet sprayed me with Doom I feel coming out of my nose."

Sorry, congregant: You're so high on Doom Super Multi Insect Killer fumes that you no longer feel the pain in your back and stomach. Plus those fumes would probably clear hardened cement from your nose, never mind plugged up snot.

Take my advice: If your church uses Doom Super Multi Insect Killer on your fellow parishoners, instead of say, Communion wafers, it's time to find another church.

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