Monday, November 7, 2016

In A Sanders Snit, Washington State Electoral College Members Might Throw Election To Trump

Will this Electoral College elector from Washington State
throw the election to Trump even if Clinton wins the
popular vote. There's a slight chance he could, all because
he's still in a snit that Bernie Sanders didn't win the
Democratic nomination. 
Washington State is likely to go with Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in tomorrow's pivotal election.

But if the election is close, two Democratic members of the Electoral College, which ultimately picks the president, say they won't, or might not cast votes for Hillary Clinton, even if she wins the popular vote.  

The most adamant of the Washington Electoral College members is Robert Satiacum, who supported Bernie Sanders during the primary, says the Seattle Times. 

Satiacum is still in a snit because Sanders did not win the Democratic primary, so he won't vote for Clinton if she wins Washington. Never mind that Sanders had repeatedly said those who supported hi in the primary should vote Clinton to ensure Trump doesn't win.

"No, no, no on Hillary. Absolutely not. No way," Satiacum told the Seattle Times. "I hope it comes down to a swing vote and it's me....Good. She ain't getting it. Maybe it'll wake this country up."

Judging fron Satiacum's quotes, he's as arrogant and narcissistic as Trump. Oh, he'll single handedly save the country from itself. Sounds like Trump's famous quote that he alone can save this country.

I guess Satiacum wants Trump to win to really ruin the country in the bonehead theory that everybody will come around to his line of thinking, which is to the left of Clinton.

Satiacum, a member of Washington's Puyallup Native American Tribe, is at the Dakota Access pipeline demonstration in North Dakota. (Native Americans and many others are demonstrating against the pipeline because it threatens drinking water for native Americans and it impinges on burial grounds.)

Satiacum says he doesn't like Clinton because he doesn't trust her on environmental and tribal issues.

He doesn't support Trump, but his actions have the slightest threat of throwing the election to Trump. Trump has said that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by China and strongly advocates the coal and oil industries, which certainly contribute to global warming.

Bret Chiafalo, another Democratic elector from Washington State, is also considering not voting for Clinton, even if the popular vote goes her way.

Interestingly, Satiacum, as noted, is a member of the Puyallup Tribe. The Tribal Council strongly backs Clinton, and has donated $460,000 to her campaign, one of the largest contributors from Washington State, says the Seattle Times.

Washington State has 12 of the nation's 538 electors from the U.S Electoral College, which would finalize the presidential results in December. The winner needs 270 votes from the Electoral College to become president.

The chances that Satiacum and Chiafalo could throw the election to Trump despite the will of the people is slim, but it is just that kind of arrogance that makes me wonder why the Founding Fathers established the Electoral College. 


  1. Can either of them be removed as an Electoral College delegate if they do this? I heard they could be fined or something.

  2. I believe each can be fined something like $1,000 but both guys say they're not worried about that. (probably just pay it)