Friday, November 4, 2016

Dad Dancing With Bride At Wedding Is The Distraction We All Need

Mikayla Phillips and her father, Nathan Ellison
put on an epic performance at Phillips' recent wedding.  
I know there are about three gazillion YouTube videos of people dancing joyously at weddings, some choreographed, some not.

But since we need a distraction from current events, this one shows bride Mikayla Phillips dancing with her father Nathan Ellison at her October 8 wedding in Utah.

The guy has GREAT moves, and is not shy about making a happy spectacle of himself.

ABC News says Phillips is a trained dancer, but her father is not. They rehearsed for just a week before the big day. Not bad for such a short training time.

It's quite a rigorous performance, too, so it's good that Nathan appears to have the stamina to handle it.

The takeaway: When in doubt, dance.

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