Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oddballs With Airhorns The Latest Weird Crime Spree

Here's the entertaining mug shot of John Nuggent
accussed of blaring an air horn for many weeks on end
in the early morning hours in a California neighborhood
in apparent revenge against somebody who lives there.  
There have been a couple of weird incidents involving air horns recently, and I'm hoping this is not part of a trend.  

A guy in El Segundo, California was recently arrested after keeping residents of one neighborhood up at night for weeks with the air horn he blew as he drove through the neighborhood.

The guy's, um, interesting mugshot is at the top of this post.

According to the Los Angeles Times, John W. Nuggent was stopped by police in his air horn equipped car earlier this month:

"On  Sunday, patrol officers heard the blare of a actuated air horn - a device similar to a train horn - as it shattered the pre-dawn silence of El Segundo's west side at about 4 a.m., police said on Facebook.

Officers looked around and saw only one car on the street - a little blue four door 2006 Chevrolet Aveo - and pulled it over, said Sgt. Vincent Martinez.

In the back of the car, officers found an air tank with hoses connected to a device near the car's gas pedal, Martinez said. When an officer tried the car's horn, the sound of 'a big truck or train' blasted from the diminutive hatchback, he said."

Authorities said Nuggent was setting off the airhorn in the predawn hours for weeks in the neighborhood because he was getting revenge on somebody who lives there with whom he had some sort of dispute.

Nuggent is unsurprisingly charged with disturbing the peace.

Meanwhile, Hopatcong, New Jersey had its own air horn crisis this week.

For reasons unknown, other than this guy thought it would be funny, Kevin Hemmerich of Hopatcong arrived at the town's police station wearing a bunny costume and repeatedly blowing an air horn while his brother Jason filmed the episode, says

Kevin Hemmerich was there to turn himself in on an outstanding warrant for not serving community service after he'd been caught driving without insurance.  
Kevin Hemmerich of Hopatcong, NJ inexplicably turned
himself into police on an outstanding warrant wearing
a bunny costume and blowing an air horn.
Police were not amused.  

People at the police station repeatedly asked Kevin Hemmerich to stop blowing the air horn but he kept at it.

That was until two police officer came into the room, punched Kevin and slapped the phone Jason was using to video the incident out of his hands.

That left Jason feeling pretty whiny: "This is my hometown and he punched my brother in the face for no reason,' Jason said.

Well, actually I think there was a reason why your brother got punched, Jason.

Still, the officers involved are under investigation, because it really is improper for police to punch somebody who is not a threat, even if the person in question is incredibly annoying.

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