Wednesday, November 2, 2016

British Town Overrun By Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists inspect gardens around an elderly
man's house in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, Britain.
Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England is certainly a pleasant town, though there are plenty of nice old communities around Britain.

However, it appears Chinese tourists pretty much only go to Kidlington, and people there were mystified until recently.

It turns out, Chinese tourists love to see old English gardens in quiet English communities, and the guide books all point to Kidlington, says the BBC. 

Interestingly, the Chinese focus on a nice neighborhood of relatively modern houses, but ignore a historic area with thatched cottages and a church which is a short walk from the neighborhood.

Kidlington residents don't really mind the bus loads of tourists, but finally couldn't stand the mystery and took it upon themselves to learn.

The BBC gave a question sheet to Anne Clifton, who handed it to a woman who turned out to be leading a particular Chinese tourint group.  The BBC then translated the answers.

The tour guide said Kidlington was on the itinerary because "we don't have (these) in China. Here, we are looking for the true sense of the country."

The tour guide said she loved the relatively simple houses and front gardens.

The BBC also said Baz Daniels, who has lived in Kidlington for two decades, got in touch with a friend in China to help solve the mystery.

Daniels said, "Kidlington is apparently being marketed by Chinese tourist agencies as a beautiful English village on the way to Bicester Village shopping centre."

Britains are famous gardeners and lots of villages there have gorgeous flowers and grounds. But for Chinese tourists, Kidlington is the place.

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