Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The New Fad; Screechy, Embarrassing Pro-Trump Rants

This woman went on an epic 45-minute pro-Trump rant
after a Michael's craft store had the gall to charge
her $1 for a reusable shopping bag 
There seems to be an, um, delightful trend among fans of Donald Trump:

A few of them are engaging in incredible, hugely embarrassing pro-Donald Trump rants in which they revel in the Donald's victory, whine about supposedly anti-white discrimination and pride themselves at being allegedly on top of the heap.

Except these people are at the bottom of the heap, given the derision, and punishment these ranters and ravers get.

We've had several that got their 15 minutes of fame. The guy in Florida who squawked at a Starbucks. The guy on the recent Delta flight who extolled the virtues of Trump and yelled at all the "Hillary Bitches" on the plane.

Then there was the woman who ranted exhaustively for 45 minutes about the anti-white discrimination against her because some black store clerks charged her $1.00 for a reusable store bag  Never mind that the clerks in question were charging everyone, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, age or whatnot.

If you can stand it, I've posted a couple of the videos of the rants at the bottom of this post. It's actually fun to laugh at how unhinged these people are.

I love the stupidity of these people. Trump won, the "logic" goes, so they  have free rein to spout whatever nonsense they can. Finally! A chance for revenge against the blacks/illegal immigrants/Muslims/gays/liberals that oppressed us all these years!

The ranters forget that there are still repercussions for what they do..They get their 15 minute of internet fame, but instead of fun, they're exposed as fools.
This guy is banned for life from flying on Delta
because of his obnoxious Trump rant aboard
one of Delta's planes recently. 

Some of them go on to complain how "discriminated" against they are. The Florida Starbucks ranter,  David Sanguesa, said he was having a "bad day" when he ranted, but was still angry at Starbucks

According to the Miami Herald, Sanguesa had this to say about supposed bias against him because he's a white Trump supporter:

"My attorneys want to file a lawsuit. No one saw the first part of the video. I was completely done wrong. I was racially discriminated against. I was refused service. I was wrong to get upset, but I was racially discriminated against. 

She wouldn't serve me.....She knew I was a Trump supporter and wouldn't give me coffee."

No, actually, they wouldn't serve you because you were being a jerk and bothering everybody else. It's really still OK in America to discriminate against morons like you, Mr. Sanguesa.

Oh, and by the way, the First Amendment still says the government can't tell you what to say and what not to say. But private companies, including your employer? They can pretty much do what they want.

Surprise! Your free speech rights don't, er, Trump our free speech rights to call you out as an idiot.

Take the incident at a Floor and Decor store in Colorado. A gay man named James Shawlin and his four year old son went into the store and were given permission by a clerk to look through boxes of stonework samples to determine which one he wanted to buy.

A store manager came up and rebuked Shawlin for looking in the boxes, and Shawlin basically said, "Geez don't treat me this way. My husband and I spend a lot of money in this store."

That set off the store manager. The manager called Shawlin "the faggot that voted for Hillary," and another customer chimed in to bully Shawlin.

Naturally, Shawlin took to social media to note this incident, and Floor and Decor quickly fired the store manager. I guess Trump wasn't able to keep that store manager's job, huh?  So much for job creation.

Our Delta flight ranter also eventually got nailed, too. At first, people complained that the Delta flight ranter should have been kicked off the plane and wasn't.

Delta has since banned the idiot from flying Delta. For life.  And Delta gave full refunds to all the other passengers on the flight who were subject to the Trump moron.

Sometimes, the rants are a work of art. The woman in Chicago went on for 45 minutes (!!!!!) about how she is discriminated against because she's a white Trump supporter.

This happened at a Michael's craft store. It's remarkable in the video how calm and professional the store clerk and manager sounded as this woman went on, and on and on.

"And I voted for Trump! So there! What, you want to kick me out because of that!"  the Chicago unhinged woman yells. "And look who won! And look who won! And look who won!"

You didn't, lady. You've become a national laughingstock, upper management at Michael's congratulated the store workers for their professionalism, and other witnesses stood up in support of the employees.

By the way, this lady apparently has a habit of doing things like this. There's another video of her launching into a homophobic rant at a Peet's Coffee shop not long ago.

Maybe we need a new TV reality show: "America's Best/Worst Trump Ranters."  Our Chicago ranter would really be a contender!

Here's some of the videos.

Let's start with the Delta flight guy:

And the Chicago woman at Michael's is REALLY an unstable piece of work. Watch:

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