Monday, November 21, 2016

Kids Come To The Rescue Again After Trump-Inspired Park Vandalism

This ugly graffiti in New York was replaced by flowers, heart-
shaped art and peaceful messages brought there by kids.  
In one of dozens of attacks and crimes with the election of Trump, somebody painted swastikas and "Go Trump" slogans in Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn, New York.

The park is named for Yauch, a founding member of the Beastie Boys who was, by the way, Jewish. Yauch died of cancer in 2012.

As a kid, he often played in that park, and that's one of the reasons the park is named after him.

Anyway, people everywhere were properly horrified by the vandalism, just like people are upset at similar vandalism elsewhere in the country.

Also, once again, it was kids to the rescue in the face of such hate.

New York sanitation workers cleaned up the graffiti hours after it was left in the park, but children who frequently play there decided to take things a step further.

According to NPR, children and their parents brought flowers, paper cut outs of hearts and messages of unity. One kid scrawled "Love Trumps Hate" in chalk on the sidewalk. Now that's my kind of graffiti!

Another person put a note on a toy train in the park that said the train is actually a machine that destroys facism.

These are small gestures, of course. But if we get millions of such small gestures, maybe things will brighten up a bit.

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