Friday, November 4, 2016

Drunk Tractor Trailer Driver Tries To Change Pants While Traveling Vermont Highway

Police said this guy crashed his tractor trailer rig on
a Vermont Interstate highway while changing his pants,
drunk and driving at 63 mph.  
In one of the stupidest traffic crashes I've ever heard of, and one thankfully in which nobody was seriously injured, a tractor trailer truck rolled over and crashed on Interstate 89 in Williston, Vermont this week.

The tractor trailer driver, Allen R. Johnson Sr. was drunk, Vermont State Police said, as he traveled along Interstate 89 at aboug 63 mph. While doing so, he was changing his pants. (!!!)

Of course, when you're changing your pants while driving a tractor trailer drunk, bad things will happen, and he tipped over onto the side of the highway. Luckily he hit nobody else, and Johnson suffered just minor injuries.

It is unclear why Johnson picked that moment to change his pants. There is a rest area very close to the crash site where motorists often stop to take breaks. The rest area has a large parking lot where tractor trailer drivers often park to eat, sleep, or, yes, change clothes.

Not sure why he didn't just go to the rest area to change his pants. And we don't know why it was important for him to change his trousers at that very moment. Not that I'm anxious to find out.

In any event, Johnson was charged with driving a commercial vehicle under the influence and negligent operation.

Sadly, the section of Interstate 89 in Vermont is very close to the site of a wrong way driver crash that killed five teenagers last month. 

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