Monday, November 28, 2016

Ok Go With Another Fascinating, Epic Music Video

A still from the band Ok Go's latest epic, innovative
video, "The One Moment." 
OK Go is a band, a bunch of musicians, but their forte is innovative music videos.

There was the famous Rube Goldberg video from 2010 on the song "This Too Shall Pass."  

On "Needing/Getting" they used a car to play various musical instrument.

In "Upside Down & Inside Out" they used real zero gravity in a jet to record the music video. (I bet there were some upset stomachs there.

Now, we've got another awesome epic from Ok Go. In this one, they recorded a series of explosive events that lasted all of 4.2 seconds.

Then they slowed it all down very, very much so that these explosive events last the entirety of a song called "The One Moment" that lasts a full four minutes.

As always, this video is an understandable hit, racking up more than four million views in the four days since it was released.

It really is a LOT of fun, and worth watching

So here's the video

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