Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Welcome To The (Permanent) Oligarchy

This man might have just killed American constitutional democracy
and the American voters let him.  
Yesterday, the American people threw away the Constitution and many of the freedoms they assumed would be there forever.

Many voters wanted that outcome. The people that supported Trump agreed with him that niceties like press freedom, religous freedom (unless you're a Christian!) and due process just got in the way of, well, I don't know, but apparently they thought it got in the way of something.

The majority of voters just wanted an authoritarian who steamrolls through everything, legal or not.

America, you made your choice. What you don't realize is, if you find out you don't like your choice,  you'll never be able to change it. Think you can vote in a new Congress two years from now, or a new President four years from now ?


Trump and his Republican minions now control everything, including the Supreme Court. If Trump sets the nation on a disastrous course, there's nothing we can do about it.

Trump and Co. will surely change voting laws to severely restrict the vote among people who might not want him to continue in office. That's what right wind oligarchs do. Team Trump will lie and lie to its gullible supporters, so that dwindling crowd will keep him in for a long, long time.

Maybe after eight years, Trump will make is so he has a third term. Or one of his henchmen will become President when he's done. Surely it won't be someone in favor of true democracy.

If Trump becomes involved in misdeed, we probably won't find out what Trump might be doing wrong. Yes, the media has its problems but we won't have investigative journalism, as it will be suppressed if not outright banned.

Team Trump team will suppress dissension. Taking it to the streets for peaceful demonstrations against him might someday become illegal. Or at least always be met with rubber bullets or worse.

So much for Free Speech. Right wing authoritarians suppress dissension any way they can.

I've already criticized Trump a lot, so it's part of my permanent record. The Internet is forever. I literally think I might be in jail or at least facing an expensive lawsuit within two years. Not because of what I will do, but because of what I have done - criticize and mock Trump.   (I'm still criticizing him now because I have nothing to lose. The damage is done.)

I wouldn't be surprised if people are jailed for criticizing his government some day. Or at the very least the more likely threat of jail or lawsuits will suppress any kind of vocal opposition.

If a Trump presidency impoverishes you or otherwise harms you, there's nothing you can do. If you have Muslim or Hispanic friends, there's a chance you'll have to say bye bye to some of them. If America doesn't become "great again," as Trump promised, too bad. You lose.

You made your choice America. Now you have to live with it.


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