Friday, November 18, 2016

The Kent State Basketball Team Is Just Awesome

In a show of unity, Kent State basketball players invited
fans of varying genders, ages and races to stand with
them for the National Anthem before the start of a recent game.
Three cheers and more to the Kent State basketball team for a gesture of unity that this country sorely needs.

The players decided that before a recent home game, they would go into the stands and invite people of varying ages, races, genders and abilities to come down to the basketball court with them to stand for the National Anthem.

The video is at the bottom of this post.

According to and ESPN:

"''We understand all of the issues going on in our world,' sophomore point guard Jalen Avery said in a statement on behalf of his teammates. 'In these times, we felt it was important to show a sign of unity in our community.'"

The team approached coaches and staff ahead of time to bounce the idea off them, and the coaches said go for it.

ESPN quoted Kent State Head Coach Rob Senderoff:

"'This was not my idea,' Senderoff said. 'This is something they came up with and brought to me. My first reaction was, What a statement for them to make. For a bunch of 18 to 22 year olds to come up with this is incredibly mature.'"

 The team said they would now probably do the unity move during the Star Spangled Banner at every home game.

This won't cure all the divisions in this nation, but every little bit helps.

Here's the news video of this wonderful incident:

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