Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Angry Trump/Pence Supporters Attack Theater In Hamilton, Ontario Because "Hamilton"

The Hamilton Theatre in Onatrio is getting a lot of flack
from Trumpeters because their name has the word
"Hamilton" in it and the Trumpeters don't like the
way Mike Pence was treated during the real
production of "Hamilton" on Broadway.  

There's yet another theater companh in the sights of Trumpeters besides the one in Ontario.

According to NPR the small community theater group, Hamilton Players in Hamilton, Montana also got TONS of abuse over the Pence incident at the Broadway production of "Hamilton."

Denise Rose, executive Director of Hamilton Players Inc. said, "My phone would go crazy in clumps of 10 to 15, then an hour later all teh re-tweets started again.....We were getting tweets calling us racist, untalented, disrespecful or more."

Some people later apologized to the Hamilton, Montana players for the mistake, but others kept at it.



In yet more evidence that internet trolls can be incredibly stupid, a theater company in Hamilton, Ontario is getting trash on line from some of these internet trolls.

You see where this is going.

As you've surely heard, Vice-President elect Mike Pence went to see the Broadway hit "Hamilton" the other day, and the cast gave him a pointed message about tolerance and respect. Some audience members booed Pence.

Our childish president-elect, Donald Trump, took to Twitter like he always does and complained about how the annoyed he was that this happened at the Hamilton show.

Trump called "Hamilton" "overrated" during his rant, which is interesting, given the Tonys it won and the fact that it's nearly impossible to get tickets to this show.

His followers, who I call Trumpeters, took to social media, too, to whine and howl about how disrespect this was, or something.

The Hamilton Theatre Co. in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada took a lot of this grief, says CBC in Canada.

No, their current production is not "Hamilton" but "The Toxic Avenger."

Never mind, though. The name of the theater company is Hamilton, and anything named Hamilton now is considered anti-Trump.

Apparently, says the CBC, the internet trolls were too apoplectic to pay attention to Twitter handles, and which way to direct their ignorant ire.

The Twitter account of the theater company in Hamilton, Ontario is @HamiltonTheatre. The Broadway show's Twitter handle is @HamiltonMusical 

I do love the irony in that the angry, unhinged Trump supporters are mistakenly and stupidly attacking a theatre whose current production is called "The Toxic Avenger."

By the way, the only adult in the room in this whole bruhaha over the Mike Pence incident at Hamilton is Mike Pence himself.

Pence told Fox News he wasn't offended by the incident and does not want an apology.

Pence said he, his daughter and her cousins "enjoyed the show" and he reminded his daughter and the cousins that the boos, cheers and words "is what freedom sounds like."

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