Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Reviews Are Awesome On This Donald Trump Christmas Decoration

This $150 "Make America Great Again" Christmas
ornament has gotten some AMAZING revies on Amazon.  
It's Thanksgiving!
Which means from now until the end of December it's All Christmas All The Time.  

You know that actually means we are being order by the Powers That Be to Buy! Buy! Buy!

I'm here to help.

You just HAVE to decorate your Christmas tree with just the right ornaments and have I got the decoration for you!

It's a little Donald Trump red "Make American Great Again" hat for the low, low price of $150.00. It's finished in brass and 14 karat gold, just for you.

The reviews on this little gem at Amazon and elsewhere are more priceless than the actual ornament.

Go over to Amazon and check all the reviews out. Here are a few of the best ones.

(H/T BoingBoing)

"It called Mary a nasty woman, told Joseph to go back where he came from, built a wall around the manger and then when you press it it sings, "I'm Dreaming Of A Totally White Christmas."

"Every time I hang it on a branch, it yells "WRONG!" No matter which branch I try, it's "WRONG!" My brother and father can hang it up just fine, but when my mother and I try it's "WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!"

"The angel on top of my tree just hired a lawyer."

"I gave this to my husband as a gift, and now he has a spray tan, tiny hands and a really bad combover."

"I put it above my nativity scene. Jesus wept."

"It tried to put my nativity figures into an internment camp."

"I bought one and Joe Biden came to my house and punched me in the face. I want a refund."

"My Trump ornament keeps telling the other ornaments it's going to help them, while sawing off the branches they depend upon for support. I somehow don't think this is going to end well."

"I didn't even order this, but it keeps showing up in my 13-year-old's bedroom."

"Unfortunately, it was really thin skinned so when I touched it without using velvet gloves it completely fell apart."

"Despite ordering a more reasonable ornament, this one arrived. It. Is. Yuge. It's absolutely yuge. It's the biggest ornament. Yuge. I hung it on my tree but it is so yuge that it has totally unbalanced my whoe tree. No matter where I hang it, the tree leans waaaaay over to the far right. "

"Does yours really say 'Made in China'?  Mine says 'Made By Russian Hackers.'"

"I was so excited to open this and deck the halls...but as soon as i did, wouldn't ya know it, it jumped off the tree and grabbed my pu**y!! Thanks Obama!!" 

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