Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Jew S.A" Guy Is The Latest To Make Embarrassing National Spectacle Of Himself

This Trump fan really went off the rails at an Arizona
Trump rally, giving him his second 15 minutes of fame. 
Social media is rattling around the past couple of days with the idiot at a Phoenix Donald Trump rally who informed the press at the gathering they were the enemy, and starting chanting "Jew S.A" while making anti-semetic hand gestures.

He was dressed "fashionably" in a Hillary For Prison t-shirt.

Of course, everybody thinks this guy is an idiot, and he is. And he was too stupid to think that the media against which he was railing would have cameras. Imagine! Television reports with camera crews. And print reporters with cell phones equipped with cameras!

What is this world coming to?

The man, identified by the Arizona Republic as George Lindell, wasn't even getting solace from the Trump camp.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had this to say about the guy while being interviewed on CNN: "(The man's) conduct is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our campaign or our candidate. Wow.....That man's conduct was deplorable. And had I been there I would have asked security to remove him immediately."

Yeah, Conway used Hillary Clinton's word, "deplorable."  So you know the guy was bad.

Years ago, I blogged about this guy in a different context. A much happier one. He very colorfully described a traffic accident he was involved in. It was quite funny.

However, now he's gone viral in a different way, just like some other whack jobs out there who have to face their families, employers and acquaintences with their shameful behavior.  Like the woman who just voted for Trump twice, because "the system is rigged against Trump."

So she tried in her own little way to rig the election in his favor. But isn't Trump supposedly against election rigging? I think this woman is confused.

But maybe they're not ashamed, who knows? But they've gotten their 15 minutes of fame, and I'm sure everybody is proud.

The Trump campaign should have done more to at least try to tamp these extreme Trump fan boys and girls down, because it contributes to the caricature of Trump voters as mentally unbalanced racists who are resistant to the idea of a functioning democracy in favor of some weird authoritarian mess.

Trump supporters are usually characterized in the media as being mostly struggling white working class, uneducated people, but I got a surprise when listening to NPR's On The Media the other day.

It turns out the average Trump supporter has a higher income and a somewhat greater percentage of them have a college education than the average Clinton supporter.

Go figure.

But, we will always be entertained by the side shows of a few Trump fans going off the rails. I guess we need the distraction of sorts.

If you can stand it, here's the video of that idiot at the Arizona Trump rally:

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