Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blind Drunk Guy Goes Blind From Booze; Docs Cure Him With Booze

Well, this is certainly an interesting, if not terribly inspiring medical story.

A guy in New Zealand got really drunk on vodka at a wedding. He was diabetic, too, and the combination caused a type of methanol poisoning that made him go blind.

Sometimes, alcohol can restore sight to patients like this. I honestly don't know how this works In any event,  the local hospital didn't have any medical alcohol. So, doctors went to a nearby liquor store, bought some Johnny Walker, set up an IV with the stuff and our diabetic hero got his sight back.

It took about ten days, but the Johnny Walker worked. I wonder if they will add this incident to their marketing campaign.

I also wish  makes more illnesses could be cured by booze.

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